4th Generation Cephalosporin (Cephalosporin Antibiotic)

The recommended adult and pediatric dosages and routes of administration are outlined in the
following table. MaxpimeTM (Cefepime) should be administered intravenously over
approximately 30 minutes. Before administration ensure that the powder has been fully dissolved in the solution.

Dosage & Administration:

Site and Type of Infection Dose Frequency Duration (Days)
Moderate to Severe Pneumonia 1–2 g IV Every 12 hours 10
Empiric therapy for febrile neutropenic patients 2 g IV Every 8 hours 7*
Mild to Moderate Uncomplicated or Complicated Urinary Tract Infections 0.5-1 g IV/IM** Every 12 hours 7-10
Severe Uncomplicated or Complicated Urinary Tract Infections 2 g IV Every 12 hours 10
Moderate to Severe Uncomplicated Skin and Skin Structure Infections 2 g IV Every 12 hours 10
Complicated Intra-abdominal Infections 2 g IV Every 12 hours 7-10

*or until resolution of neutropenia. In patients whose fever resolves but who remain neutropenic for more than 7 days, the need for continued antimicrobial therapy should be re-evaluated frequently.
**Intramuscular route of administration is indicated only for mild to moderate, uncomplicated or complicated UTIs due to E. coli when the intramuscular route is considered to be a more appropriate route of drug administration.

Pediatric Patients (2 months up to 16 years)
The maximum dose for pediatric patients should not exceed the recommended adult dose. The usual recommended dosage in pediatric patients up to 40 kg in weight for uncomplicated and complicated urinary tract infections (including pyelonephritis), uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections, and pneumonia is 50 mg per kg per dose, administered every 12 hours (50 mg per kg per dose, every 8 hours for febrile neutropenic patients), for durations as given above.

MaxpimeTM 1 gm IM/IV injection: Pack of 1 vial contains Cefepime 1 gm accompanied by a solvent ampoule of 10 ml water for injection. It also contains a complementary pouch comprised of disposable syringe (10 ml), butterfly needle, alcohol pad and first aid bandage.

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