AgroVet Division

With only three locally manufactured products, AgroVet division started its operation in 1998. We have at present there are 73 (133 presentations) locally manufactured & imported poultry & livestock products successfully present in the market.

Pesticide Unit

Pesticide Unit is a newly formed unit dedicated to the diversification of agro business through agricultural chemicals and public health insecticides. The unit was established with the initial prospect of becoming the market leader in agrochemicals sector in Bangladesh.

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Ace-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Ace-Vet® Bolus


Alkosel Powder
Alkosel Powder

Selenium & Selenomethionine

Almex-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Almex-Vet® Bolus


Amodis-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Amodis-Vet® Bolus


Ampicin-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Ampicin-Vet® Injection

Ampicillin Sodium

Andopan Powder
Andopan Powder

Andrographis paniculata

Antihista-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Antihista-Vet® Injection

Pheniramine Maleate

Apthocare<sup>®</sup> Powder
Apthocare® Powder

Vitamin C, Potassium Iodate, Glutamic Acid

Aquagreen<sup>®</sup> G
Aquagreen® G

A Unique Biofertilizer for Aquaculture

Aquakleen<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Aquakleen® Liquid

An ideal pond purifier with different actions

B-Com-Vit<sup>®</sup> Liquid
B-Com-Vit® Liquid

Vitamin B-Complex

B50-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
B50-Vet® Injection

Vitamin B Complex

Becevit-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Becevit-Vet® Powder

Vitamin B-Complex & Vitamin C

Bio-Surf<sup>®</sup> Powder
Bio-Surf® Powder

Higher Performance with higher utilization of Fat & Oil

Biolact<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Biolact® Bolus

Probiotics, Prebiotics, amino acid & liver extract concentrate

Biomax<sup>®</sup> Power
Biomax® Power

Maximim consortium of probiotics for perfect pond management

Bipen-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Bipen-Vet® Injection

Procaine Benzyl Penicillin BP

Boostbryd<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Boostbryd® Liquid

Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids

Buphos-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Buphos-Vet® Injection

Butaphosphan INN & Cyanocobalamin BP

Cal-P<sup>®</sup> Powder
Cal-P® Powder

Calcium, Phosphorus & essential vitamin enriched water soluble powder

Calplex<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Calplex® Liquid

Liquid Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D3

Calvit-P<sup>®</sup> Suspension
Calvit-P® Suspension

Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D3

Ceftron-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Ceftron-Vet® Injection

Ceftriaxone Sodium USP

Cevit-Aqua<sup>®</sup> Powder
Cevit-Aqua® Powder

Fast relief from the stress

Cevit-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Cevit-Vet® Powder


Ciprocin-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Ciprocin-Vet® Injection

Ciprofloxacin BP

Ciprocin-Vet<sup>®</sup> Solution
Ciprocin-Vet® Solution

Ciprofloxacin USP

Cotra-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Cotra-Vet® Powder

Chlortetracycline HCL BP 20%

Cotrim-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Cotrim-Vet® Bolus

Sulphamethoxazole BP & Trimethoprim BP

Cotrim-Vet<sup>®</sup> Suspension
Cotrim-Vet® Suspension

Sulphadiazine BP & Trimethoprim BP

Coxitril <sup>®</sup>Vet liquid
Coxitril ®Vet liquid

Toltrazuril 2.5%

DB-Vitamin<sup>®</sup> Powder
DB-Vitamin® Powder

Multivitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids

Digestim<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Digestim® Liquid

Natuaral Liver & Kidney Tonic

Dimi-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Dimi-Vet® Injection

Sulphadimidine Sodium BP


DL-Methionine 99%

Doxacil-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Doxacil-Vet® Powder

Doxycycline HCL BP 10%

Doxytin-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Doxytin-Vet® Powder

Doxycycline Hyclate & Colistin Sulphate

E-Sel<sup>®</sup> Liquid
E-Sel® Liquid

Alpha-tocopherol acetate & Sodium Selenite

E-Sel<sup>®</sup> Powder
E-Sel® Powder

Alpha-tocopherol acetate & Sodium Selenite

Elcaris-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Elcaris-Vet® Powder

Levamisole Hcl BP

Electromin<sup>®</sup> Powder
Electromin® Powder

An Ideal Electrolyte & Mineral supplement with Vitamin A for poultry & large animal

Enflox-Vet<sup>®</sup> Solution
Enflox-Vet® Solution

Enrofloxacin INN

Envit-C<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Envit-C® Liquid

Excellent Natural Vitamin C

Erisen-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Erisen-Vet® Powder

Erythromycin Thiocyanate INN, Sulfadiazine BP, Trimethoprim BP

Es-ADE<sup>®</sup> Injection
Es-ADE® Injection

Vitamin A, D3 & E

Es-ADE<sup>®</sup> Solution
Es-ADE® Solution

Vitamin A, D3 & E

Gastrap<sup>®</sup> Powder
Gastrap® Powder

Stops the stench!

Genacyn-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Genacyn-Vet® Injection

Gentamicin Sulphate

GLUTEX<sup>TM</sup> GQ1

Disinfectant & Sanitizer

Grumen-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Grumen-Vet® Bolus

Cobalt sulphate, Dried ferrous sulphate, Vit. B1, Vit. B12, Choline bitartrate

Hadox-Dry<sup>®</sup> Powder
Hadox-Dry® Powder


Hameco-pH<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Hameco-pH® Liquid

Organic acids & Fatty acids

HamecoMoltox-Dry<sup>®</sup> Powder
HamecoMoltox-Dry® Powder

Mold inhibitor, Toxinbinder, Mycotoxin bio-synthesis inhibitor & Mycotoxin bio-nutralizer

Hamecosal-Dry<sup>®</sup> Powder
Hamecosal-Dry® Powder

Feed Premix to controle Salmonella & other gram negative bacteria

Immolyte<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Immolyte® Liquid


K-10<sup>®</sup> Powder
K-10® Powder

Vitamin K 10%

Kop-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Kop-Vet® Injection

Ketoprofen BP

L-Lysine HCl 99%<sup>®</sup>
L-Lysine HCl 99%®

L-Lysine Monohydrochloride 98.5%

Larvozine<sup>®</sup> Powder
Larvozine® Powder

Cyromazine 1%

Liva-Vit<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Liva-Vit® Liquid

Liver Tonic

Masticare Plus<sup>®</sup> Powder
Masticare Plus® Powder

A Preparation against Subclinical Mastitis

Mifenil-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Mifenil-Vet® Injection

Fast relief from milk fever

Moltox<sup>®</sup> Powder
Moltox® Powder

Feed premix for inhibiting Mold and adsorbing Mycotoxin.

Moxacil-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Moxacil-Vet® Injection

Amoxicillin Sodium BP

Moxacil-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Moxacil-Vet® Powder

Amoxicillin BP 30%

Mucospel-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Mucospel-Vet® Powder

Bromhexine Hydrochloride BP 10 mg

Nephrocare<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Nephrocare® Liquid

Nephromodulators, Sodium Flouride, Potassium Chloride, Citric acid, Butyric Acid & Arninonitrogen

Nobloat-Vet<sup>®</sup> Suspension
Nobloat-Vet® Suspension

Simethicone USP & Dill Oil BP

Nosal Dry<sup>®</sup> Powder
Nosal Dry® Powder

Salmonella Killer

Otetra-Vet<sup>®</sup> Caplet
Otetra-Vet® Caplet

Oxytetracycline HCL BP

Otetra-Vet<sup>®</sup> Injection
Otetra-Vet® Injection

Oxytetracycline HCL BP

Otetra-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Otetra-Vet® Powder

Oxytetracycline HCL BP

Oxylife<sup>®</sup> Powder
Oxylife® Powder

Dissolved oxygen in abundance

Panamin<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Panamin® Liquid

Amino Acids & Trace Minerals

Panvit-Aqua<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Panvit-Aqua® Liquid

An Ideal Multivitamin Solution for Fish/Shrimp Larvae

Piper-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Piper-Vet® Powder

Piperazine Citrate USP

Polzyme<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Polzyme® Liquid

Multi-enzyme Preparation

Prithi<sup>®</sup> WS Powder
Prithi® WS Powder

Vitamin B1, B2 & B6

Probio-Aqua<sup>®</sup> LQ
Probio-Aqua® LQ

High Quality Liquid Probiotics

Promilk<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Promilk® Bolus

To increase milk production & lactation period

Respiron<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Respiron® Liquid

Alkalizers, Urinary Acidifiers, Buffers and Aminonitrogen

Square Aquamix<sup>®</sup> Powder
Square Aquamix® Powder

Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, Prebiotics, etc. enriched aqua feed premix

Square DCP<sup>®</sup> Granular
Square DCP® Granular

Rock Phosphate Origin Di-calcium Phosphate

Square Premix Broiler
Square Premix Broiler

Feed Premix for Broiler Birds

Square Premix GS
Square Premix GS

Feed Premix for Grower Birds

Square Premix Layer
Square Premix Layer

Feed Premix for Layer Birds

SQZYME SSF<sup>®</sup> Powder

A novel complex enzyme designed for the poultry industry

Stiagen-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Stiagen-Vet® Powder

Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate BP 45%

Stomaplex-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Stomaplex-Vet® Powder

Appetizer and Digestive Stimulant

Stress-Kill<sup>®</sup> WS Powder
Stress-Kill® WS Powder

Water Soluble Multivitamin

Sulprim-Vet<sup>®</sup> Suspension
Sulprim-Vet® Suspension

Sulphadiazine BP & Trimethoprim BP

Sumid-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Sumid-Vet® Powder

Sulphanilamide Powder BP

Tam-Vet<sup>®</sup> Powder
Tam-Vet® Powder

Tylosin Tartrate BP

Tox-Bar<sup>®</sup> Powder
Tox-Bar® Powder

Toxin Binder

Toxol<sup>®</sup> Feed Premix
Toxol® Feed Premix

Liver Protector & Stimulator

Toxol<sup>®</sup> Liquid
Toxol® Liquid

Liver Protector & Stimulator

Trilev-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Trilev-Vet® Bolus

Triclabendazole INN & Levamisole BP

Trimycin-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Trimycin-Vet® Bolus

Sulfadiazine BP, Sulfadimidine BP, Sulfapiridine BP & Streptomycin Sulphate BP

Triplex-Vet<sup>®</sup> Bolus
Triplex-Vet® Bolus

Sulfadiazine BP, Sulfadimidine BP & Sulfapiridine BP

Zeo-Fresh<sup>®</sup> Granular
Zeo-Fresh® Granular

A perfect Zeolite for pond preparation and management

Zesup-Vet<sup>®</sup> Syrup
Zesup-Vet® Syrup

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate BP

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