Piper-Vet® Powder

Piperazine Citrate USP
Anthelmintics (Anti-Parasite Preparations)

Piper-Vet® is used in infestations produced by nematode sensitive to piperazine, namely Ascaris, Oxyuris, some Strongyloides & Trichuris. The high doses are required to disinfect in case of poliparasitism makes this product the anthelmintic of selection due to its low toxicity. It is safely active against all adult forms as well as against some evolutive stages of worms where it is found to be a drug of first choice.

Dosage & Administration:
Cattle, Buffalo : 25-50 gm / 100 kg body weight.

Horse : 25-30 gm / 100 kg body weight.

Sheep, Goat : 4-8 gm / 10 kg body weight.

Dog, Cat : 1-2.5 gm / 10 kg body weight.

100 gm & 500 gm pack.

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