Butamirate CItrate
Antitussive (Cough and Cold Preparation)

Mirakof® is used to relieve dry (non-productive) cough of any etiology, whooping cough and cough due to acute lower respiratory tract infections (tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis) etc. It is also indicated for pre- & post-operative cough sedation in patients who will undergo surgical procedures and bronchoscopy.

Dosage & Administration:
Mirakof® SR Tablet: Adult: 2-3 tablets daily at 8 to 12 hours intervals.
Adolescents over 12 years old: 1-2 tablets daily
Mirakof® Syrup: Children (3-6 years): 5 ml 3 times daily, Children (6-12 years): 10 ml 3 times daily, Adolescent: 15 ml 3 times daily, Adult: 15 ml 4 times daily.
Mirakof® Paediatric Drops: Children (1-3 years): 0.75 ml 4 times daily. Children (2 months-1 year): 0.50 ml 4 times daily

Mirakof® SR Tablet: Each box contains 30 tablets in strip packs.
Mirakof® Syrup: Each box contains 100 ml syrup & a measuring cup.
Mirakof® Paediatric Drops: Each box contains 15 ml paediatric drops & a measuring dropper.

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