Elcaris-Vet® Powder

Levamisole Hcl BP
Anthelmintics (Anti-Parasite Preparations)

Elcaris-Vet® Powder is used for the eradication of nematodes of alimentary tract eg. (Ascaridia galli,Heterakis gallinarum, Capillaria obsignata) and respiratory tract (eg. Syngamus trachea. Elcaris-Vet® can also be used with water to eliminate fowl eye worm (eg. Oxuspirura mansooni)

Dosage & Administration:
0.08 gm Elcaris-Vet® Powder per Kg body wt. The following dosage schedule can be followed for effective deworming-

1 gm Elcaris-Vet® Powder mixed with 1 litre of drinking water can be used for 07 layer birds or 10 pullets or for 20 birds of grower stage (4-6 weeks age). Single application can ensure total elimination of worms. All other sources of drinking water should be removed during treatment with medicated solution.

10 x 20 gm & 100 gm pack

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