Liquid Vitamin D3
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• Fulfils dietary deficiency of Vitamin D
• Maintains proper egg, meat and milk production
• Ensures proper calcium absorption in poultry and ruminants
• Prophylactic and therapeutic use in case milk fever, ketosis, weak bone, rickets, mastitis and any other calcium/phosphorus deficiency syndromes of ruminants
• Prophylactic and therapeutic use in case of retarded growth, thin egg shell, skinny shank, and calcium/phosphorus deficiency syndrome of poultry

Dosage & Administration:
Cattle: First two days 200 ml twice daily followed by 100 ml twice daily for next 2 days. To prevent ketosis & milk fever 100 ml once daily for 10 days after parturition.
Poultry: 1 ml/L drinking water for 3-5 days
Or as directed by a registered veterinarian.

100 ml & 500 ml
For veterinary use only.

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