Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Our Business Motivation is Being Good by Doing Well and to conduct transparent business operations based on market mechanism within the legal, ethical & social framework with aims to attain the mission reflected by our vision. We scale-up CSR activities to consider the interests of our external & internal stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, society, government etc. and ecological & ethical considerations in all aspects of operations. SQUARE is one of the pioneer signatories of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in Bangladesh. UNGC principles are aligned with company's culture from the very outset.

SQUARE recognizes that progressive labour policies are good business practices, especially for a company like us that has global ambition. We follow laws and encourage work environment that welcomes diversity and also follow non-discrimination & fair treatment policy both in the recruitment & selection process and performance management system. We have Trade Union & our HR policies have been continuously up-to-dated as per existing labour law of the country. We do not allow any female employees during night shift operations & we strictly prohibit any form of forced labour. We actively pursue the policy of No child labour in SQUARE.

Transparency & business ethics is the core value of SQUARE and it is strictly followed at every step of the business processes. Every business in SQUARE is modeled in a way that enables the management to ensure highest degree of both financial and behavioral accountability. SQUARE pursues Zero Tolerance policy against all kinds of corruption.

SQUARE's activity goes well beyond the sphere of business. As socially conscious and responsible corporate body SQUARE is committed to the improvement of the society as a whole. Meril-Prothom Alo festival sponsored by SQUARE, has become a national calendar event. SQUARE helps many NGO's in their effort to make available healthcare to the disadvantage population of the country. It sponsors programs to build awareness on the healthcare need. SQUARE is also a major sponsor of sporting events in the country.

is proud to be a Bangladeshi Company actively involved in various field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Commitment Towards Environment

Committed to support precautionary approach to environmental challenges & to promote greater environmental responsibility

Awarded the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2014-South Asia.
Square Herbal & Nutraceuticals Ltd. (SHNL) has been awarded the "Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2014-South Asia" under the category of 'Social Empowerment Award'. The Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards is a regional recognition Award organized by Enterprise Asia to honor companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programs. These programs demonstrate the Enterprise's leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment in incorporating responsible and ethical values, legal compliance, concerns for health issues, respect for people and individuals, involvement in communities and protection of the environment into the way they run their Enterprise. SHNL has won the Social Empowerment Award after competing with all Asian countries for recognizing the impact of running the business to the environment and seeks to reduce and reverse the impact by Green Product Designs especially for 'Basak cultivation'.
SHNL'S business model was "Increasing family solvency and self employment of poor marginal farmers (especially women) by using homestead or unutilized land through cultivation of Basak plant."
It impacts in environment and increases social values and integrity through plantation of medicinal herbs.

Sabazpur Tea Company Ltd. received "Organic Certificate" from Lacon
Sabazpur Tea Company Ltd. has been received "Organic Certificate (EU & NOP)" from Lacon GmbH Germany. This is the first time green tea (along with black tea) has been incorporated & certified as well in the certification.

Commitment Towards Employee

Professional development opportunity

Ensuring safe, healthy & employee-friendly workplace

Loan facility

"Shohoj Kisti Reen Prokalpa" under which all unionized employees can take loan to purchase necessary home appliances at small service charge and this fund is operated and managed by a committee of workers' representatives..

Support to education

SQUARE Kindergarten & SQUARE High School

SQUARE Kindergarten is constructed primarily to facilitate quality education to the children of the employees in Pabna. This is a 100% "not- for-profit" initiative where the students receive quality education at a very subsidized fee. Other than its own employees' children, it also provides this education facility for the children of local community. SQUARE Kindergarten extended its facility from Primary Level (Grade I – Grade V) to Secondary Level (Grade VI and upwards) by establishing SQUARE High School.

Award for facilitating higher education
In recognition to merit, SQUARE awards Gold Medal to the students of Dhaka Medical College who secure the first position.

Pick-up and drop services for the school going children of factory employees

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. donated books to Department of Pharmacy, Jahangirnagar University
As a part of CSR activities, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. donated some valuable books to the seminar library of Department of Pharmacy of Jahangirnagar University on 12 September 2015.On behalf of the Department, Prof. Dr. Sukalyan Kumar Kundu, Chairman, Department of Pharmacy received the books. These books will be very helpful for both students and teachers.

Sponsoring "SQUARE-Dhaka Residential Model College 7th National Science Festival 2014"
Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has participated as the title sponsor in the SQUARE-Dhaka Residential Model College 7th National Science Festival 2014. The science festival was held from 6th February 2014 to 8th February 2014. Students of different schools and colleges presented their science project results in the form of a report, display board, and models in this science festival to enrich their science knowledge.

SQUARE Toiletries Ltd. and Dhaka University jointly started 3 years fellowship program named “CGS-SQUARE Fellowship 2015-2017”
This initiative provided to the meritorious students who studied genocide studies. In 2015, 4 students got the fellowship.


Advancing research and development program

Support to ICDDR,B for Research on Childhood Diarrhoea

Partner in the research study for preventing "Post Partum Hemorrhage (PPH)", primary reason for maternal death in Bangladesh with ICDDR,B and Obstetrical & Gynecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB)

Women Empowerment

Housing & Transportation Facility for Female Employees for empowering & encouraging them to do the job

Fund raising program with Acid Survivors Foundation. With this fund SQUARE conducts awareness program and stand along with these Acid survivors

Awareness against cervical cancer

SQUARE is partnering one of the projects of CARE - "JITA"

Through this project we ensure empowerment of rural women as they can earn money by purchasing our products at Trade Price & by selling those products to rural households at Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and also ensure basic health & hygiene to the rural area by the sales women in explaining the necessity of using sanitary napkin and health soaps and making these products available at their doorsteps.

SQUARE is operating a fuel station named "Eakub Filling Station" in Pabna which is run by women

Square Toiletries Ltd. educated 1.5 million girls regarding adolescent health & hygiene Ensuring a healthy future for 3.3 million babies Ensuring a healthy future for 1.6 million girls Radhuni Kirtimoti Shommanona 2015 3500 JITA women are empowered as they are able to have their own source of income

Commitment towards society & support to social grounds

Free Diabetes Screening & Awareness Program

To increase awareness about diabetes and its prevention a "Free Diabetes Screening & Awareness Program" has been arranged at the Head Quarter of Square Group on 19 & 20 July 2016 and at Pabna Plant (including Chemical Division, SQUARE Herbal & Nutraceuticals Ltd. & Agrovet) from 18-20 March 2017 at respective plant premises. In this event, we have conducted different medical tests e.g., Blood Glucose Level (Fasting/Random), Blood pressure & BMI (Body Mass Index)."

Vaccination & Breast feeding awareness to 3.3 million mothers

Through direct outbound phone call, SMS blast, product pack communication, Square Toiletries Ltd. attempted to make mothers aware about the importance of breast feeding and vaccination. Not only that, each and every call we receive at SUPERMOM teleservice, we remind every mother about it. This has helped to ensure the future of 3.3 million babies and help eliminate polio from Bangladesh as well.

Operating 24/7 free helpline for mother and Babies

Supermom is a free telephone (0961 2222 333) service and a full-fledged interactive Bengali website ( for mothers and their babies. Every mother, we believe is a Supermom. Saluting these Supermoms, to make their life a little easy, we operate this service, to help mothers to be the finest mom. Teamed up with experts and professionals, this praiseworthy initiative by Meril Baby from Square Toiletries Ltd is there to keep a mother and the baby protected, healthy and safe!
Starting from pregnancy planning, taking care during pregnancy and growing up information for babies all are available in the service, absolutely free.
In a forum, all the moms can interact with one another, share information and experiences, get tips from the experts and learn about the suitable high-quality products for their babies. In short, Supermom is the hub for all information that could make every mom an extraordinary Supermom!

Baby Olympiad 2015

SQUARE Toiletries Ltd. arranged  a competition for 6 months to 5 years children called “Baby Olympiad”. This initiative has been taken to encourage this generation children to play physically rather than technologically.

Informing physician community on latest development in medical science
SQUARE takes multiple initiatives through healthcare publications, seminars & clinical meetings like Continual Medical Education (CME) program.

Training Institution of IT

To train the underprivileged community in Pabna who are not capable to afford costly training programs. The initial aspect of this Training Institution named "Dishari" is to empower them as a prospective user of future technology and build their own future and nation with state of the art technology and contemporary computer knowledge.

Awareness building program for the rights of physically-challenged people

Symposium on Autism organized to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on 9th April (Sunday) at SQUARE Hospital
SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. organized a symposium on Autism for the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day on 9th April (Sunday) at the auditorium of SQUARE Hospital. Renowned doctor’s (Neurologist, Pediatrics Neurologist, Psychiatrist & Pediatrician) from renowned institutions like BSMMU, NINS, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, DMCH, NIMH & SQUARE Hospital attended the program. Apart from doctor’s, occupational and speech therapist who also plays an integral role in the care giving of autistic children were also present in the program.
Hon’ble Managing Director sir (Mr. Tapan Chowdhury) attended the program and gave a speech where he highlighted the importance of holding such programs and assured the guests about SQUARE’s support in the cause for creating awareness regarding autism.

Medical campaign program for poor people

Reconstruction of Annada Gobinda Public Library in Pabna

Road safety campaign & road side shade

Donation to hospitals, medical colleges, local community & underprivileged people

In Disaster Management

Responsibility towards government

Highest TAX payer of the country award
SQUARE is reputed and recognized as highest TAX paying organization on a regular basis. Honorable Chairman of SQUARE group is awarded as highest TAX payer of the country by the government.
Special Government medicine supply
SQUARE supplies customized government medicine as per the requirement of Bangladesh government. Moreover, in times of epidemics and disasters it is always beside the government with its expanded helping hands.
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