Genacyn-Vet® 20 Powder

Gentamicin Sulfate BP
Aminoglycosides (Antibiotics)

Poultry: For the treatment of diseases caused by different gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria such as Colibacillosis, Salmonellosis, Pasteurellosis, Enteritis, Yolk Sac Disease & Fowl Cholera etc. For reduction of Early Chick Mortality (due to bacterial infections) in the newly hatched chicks. For the treatment of different respiratory diseases such as Mycoplasmosis, CRD & CCRD.
Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Buffalo: It is used for Pyometra, Hemorrhagic septicemia, PPR, Respiratory tract infection and Urinary tract infection.

Dosage & Administration:
Poultry: 1 gm/2 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.
Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Buffalo: 3 gm/20 kg body weight twice daily for 3-5 days. Or as directed by the registered veterinarian.

100 gm sachet.

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